My Name

31 Oct

My name means to me Shelter, because I can and I will protect you, plus that’s what it means in the Bible. It means shelter, but it tastes like vanilla and I am sweet just like it. I am also pointy. Why? Because I can point you in the right direction and because I’m sharp like a point. (That means smart.) I think of the number seven when someone says my name. Why? Because there are seven letters in my name. I look up to the sky and see the heavens above, and the color is sky blue and that is the color of my name. Jewelry, it’s so flawless and magnificent and that’s why it reminds me of me. Boom! Boom! Boom! I’m so loud and bold and full of life. I will show it to the world with my laughter. I will also do anything to get to the top.

Last but not least I am fierce like a cheetah and I am a pack leader and will show you with my GROWWWLLL power!



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