The Invasion

31 Oct

There I was in my bed, staring at the dark ceiling. I heard the door creak open. I was scared to death. Blue and green one-eyed aliens popped out of the closet.

“Aaahh!” I screamed.

Then I heard a big boom! I ran outside to see what was going on. In all the ruckus, I ran right through the aliens as if they weren’t solid. I went outside just to find more aliens coming in by a UFO with flashing lights all around it. I screamed my head off. I was scared to death!!!

I heard an alien talking in a buzzing voice. From what I could understand, he said, “Get him!” I screamed, and then tried to call 911, but the alien spacecraft’s energy kept the phones from working. I screamed once more, and then jumped out the window, the glass shattering behind me.

I looked behind to see what had happened. I saw a piece of glass hit one of the aliens and it popped! So I decided to turn around and throw pieces of shattered glass at each alien. But as each one popped, they grew back, splitting in two and creating twice as many aliens!!!

Then I thought, “Maybe if I threw the pieces of glass fast enough, they wouldn’t have time to replenish.” But I barely had any pieces of glass left! I snuck around to the back door, went in, and got my baseball bat. The aliens were still looking for me in the front yard. I snuck back outside with my baseball bat and broke windows from all sides of the house. I threw pieces of glass from all directions ten times faster than before and luckily none of them grew back!

I ran straight for the police station. I told the cops the whole story. Of course, they didn’t believe me. But the one thing the cops did do was call my parents. They came home from their party to see me standing in the middle of the living room of a house of broken windows. I got grounded for two months: the first month for breaking all the windows in the house and the second month for pulling a so-called prank on the cops.

Oh well. It’s better than your face getting eaten by aliens!!!



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