Messenger of Artemis

Swaying wind stirs thick fur
Paws galloping through the black-violet night sky.
Moonlight makes silver eyes and silver fur glow from within,
Ears, eyes, watching, waiting for a disturbance.
A scream of terror, a desperate cry for help—
Or worse,
Muted silence,
Sounds that often riddle the night.
They sting the velvety ears perked in alert
Like cruel, biting insects
But tonight is all peaceful,
Gentle quiet.
Artemis shall sleep well
While her messenger
Watches over.
Claws and teeth unbarred, eyes vigilant,
Body of a warrior, proud and powerful
But heart of a lover of all, kind and understanding.
Sweet-smelling soft fur,
Ready for a child’s tears to soak his coat
And for small arms to grasp him close.
His duty is to protect fiercely and to love always.
And so,
Focus and skill control his ear and eye.
No evil shall hide from the fierce protector,
And his powerful protectress.


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