Help! I am lost near the Bermuda Triangle.
There are weird noises and it’s foggy.
There is a waterspout! There are sharks up to 25 feet!
I’m on a remote island, and I’m lost in the jungle.
I hear cazzzzaaa, then there’s a thunder sound,
after that I see a flat disc with lights and hear whecazzzz.
I’m tall and dark with a sailor outfit, and black hair and brown shoes.
I was with my crew, but they sank and died
when a giant squid attacked us.
It was 48 feet tall and red, with 10-foot-long tentacles.
They drowned, but I survived.
I’ve seen snakes up to twenty feet long, and bugs 6 feet tall that fly.
I saw a plant called a Venus Flytrap. It was 12 feet tall with 7-inch teeth
with a red mouth and a green outside body.
I’ve seen spiders bigger than puppies.
I’ve been here for eight weeks. I’m 32 years old.
I’m an adult sailor without a compass.
I’ll send more letters.

June 13, 1902



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