The Girl Grim Reaper

hourglassFlowers wilt when I walk by, boys flinch and say, “Get away, I don’t want to die!” Girls scream and run away because I am Death or Deathena. I was cursed to become the new grim reaper. I do sometimes execute the people whose time is up or whose hourglass sand has run out. I carry around a scythe and it’s big and heavy. I could chop someone into pieces but I can touch the flesh of a living thing, and it will collapse in death suddenly and without haste. I can always become normal, but because of my well-known stature and occupation of Grim Reaper, no one dares approach me.

I’ve been through this world many times. I’ve seen Zeus and his many perils, I’ve seen Athena and her good wit pull her through situations that I would never resolve myself. And I’ve been through all time sequences, first discoveries, terrible tragedies, and all other emotional scenes.

Times have changed and people should accept me and how dare people curse at the sound of my title. You will all pay someday.

India, sixth grade, Ojeda Middle School

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