Oklahoma Flood

stormafter a line by Joy Harjo

It was beginning to rain in Oklahoma, the rain that would flood the world. I tried to tell myself that it was only minor, but when I heard the birds fleeing from the sycamore trees like pieces of a heart, I panicked, running from the flood, hoping it wouldn’t catch up. I was dry as the grass in summer but I didn’t need to get wet so I ran on top of the cars knowing they would only hold me for so long—

Tiffany, ninth grade, Del Valle Opportunity Center

5 thoughts on “Oklahoma Flood

  1. Good job Tiffany, I did not know you had it in you to do this exceptional work. Now you have a place in the sun, expand it to your benefit.

    John Day
    Assistant Principal
    Opportunity Center

  2. Tiffany, I am so proud of the work you have done. This is a wonderful poem. You have proven that you have a voice worth hearing and there is the promise of more to come. Terrific job!!!

    Miss Wendi
    Del Valle Opportunity Center

  3. Nice job on writing about the panic that a flood, any sort of flood, both real and symbolic, can cause.

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