Inspired by the life and writing of Luis J. Rodriguez


Days of laughter and days of sorrow,
Partying and crying.
Too many times I almost died for watching your back.
You’re not only my friends but my family.
I always confronted the police for you
But something went wrong.
Why did you come shooting at me?
Stabbing me in the back when all I did was to protect.
My friends? My family?
Tell me that I’m dreaming. Somebody pinch me!
Man, I got fooled all these years.
My thoughts are twisted.
Against this wall with the Virgin Mary drawn.
On the ground taking cover because of them.
Not believing what just had happened.
I’ve never felt this pain.
Not even with a girl.
I guess you really don’t have friends
No homies, no protection.
But only doing it for yourself.
No more days of laughter with you
No more days of sorrow.
On my own on this road.
No one will I follow.

Haide, twelfth grade, Manor Accelerated Academic Recovery Center

Photo courtesy of El Random Hero, LA Eastside.


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