a turtle pond

TurtlePondthe eager upturned faces of the amphibious vegetarians
peeking morally from out of the organic murk
the hundreds of anonymous grey minnows
viciously darting about, trading positions like atoms
riding on the submerged backs of their musky-shelled
politely expecting, staring, asking, wanting
pushing forth their geometric little bodies
shoving, coyly swimming at various paces
jabbing the sunny shadows of patchy light
meeting neck to orange-striped neck in comical aggressive embrace
patrolling the wet sludgy perimeter
beware of granddaddy grey, wise fishy intruder
observing the leafy corralled island
dunking spherical shells and limbs and nosy heads
beneath the occasional sapphire flitting dragonfly
dreamily watching the optical illusions of the shallow depths
the affectionately brief nose kisses.

Cali, ninth grade, downtown summer camp

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