Re-Make Yourself

With words, we can remake not only our experiences and memories, but our entire selves. We can re-sculpt and replace and give ourselves all the glory or absurdity we demand. This week’s Badgerblog selection invites us to do just that—to discard our usual appearances and revise ourselves however we choose. Many thanks to Brandon at Hornsby-Dunlap Elementary for reminding us that we are what we choose to become, and we can reinvent ourselves whenever we like.

Any Face

What’s the matter with the sun as your face?
And books as eyes?
And a nose made of dimes?

If you had the right to make your face,
What would your face have?
Would it be like mine?
Or different?

You decide what it will be
And if you don’t like it,
Make a new one.

Brandon, third grade, Hornsby-Dunlap Elementary School


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