How Would You Describe Yourself?

Where would we be without adjectives? Whether we’re compelled to share a description of a good meal, the weather outside, the hardest day of our lives, or the most happy occasions, adjectives are instrumental. In celebration of the adjective, we’d like to spotlight some extraordinary writers using vivid describing words to paint complex pictures of themselves. Not only are these list poems proof of a young writer’s expanding vocabulary, but they also highlight one of the finer moments from our Community-Wide Reading event, which happened this past Saturday. At each of these reading events, our staff is delighted to hear poems and stories that represent such diverse and rich voices, experiences than run the gamut from the imaginary, to hardened memory, to those sensory experiences that invite us, briefly, into the lives of our students.


I am testy, successful, silent, pleasant,
outrageous, magnificent, gentle, courageous,
blessed, brainy, adventurous, great,
nice, victorious, splendid, strong, funny,
kind-like, good, energetic, confident,
creative, awesome.
I am Anna.

Annahie, fourth grade, Del Valle Elementary School

I Am

I am crazy, depressed, dizzy, embarrassed, grumpy, happy, healthy, itchy, kind, lazy, lonely, lucky, nervous, nice, noisy, nosy, sad, silly, slow, strong, tired, upset, weak, young, tricky, proud. I am Jonathan.

Jonathan, fourth grade, Del Valle Elementary School

I Am . . .

I am awesome, beautiful, confident,
dog-tired, energetic, fierce, giant,
hilarious, icy, juicy, kid-like, light,
magnificent, new, perfect, the quickest,
rapid, skinny, tall, upset, victorious,
wet, yellow, zany. I am Teneshia.

Teneshia, fourth grade, Del Valle Elementary School

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