This Crazy, Mixed-Up Life

Ah, life. No one said it would be easy. But rather than belabor the point, let’s turn the discussion over to our Badgerdog writers, two of whom offer sound advice for getting through, well, existence. Congratulations to Daisy and Dominic from Ojeda Middle School for their insight and inspiration on one particularly trying topic.


Never let life take hold.
Make everything into a piece of art without lines.
Don’t see what people want you to see, but what you want to.
Be grateful for what you have.
Don’t live life in poverty without something to fall back on.
Listen to your heart and live a peaceful life within yourself.
Make a happy place with trees and things that keep peace.
Don’t be overpowered with hatred.
Don’t cry over things that bring no use, that bring no pain but sorrow.
Let life make a wonderful change in nature and things that surround you.
Don’t live in fear.
Try to find things you’ve never imagined.
Be at peace with the world, even if it hurts.
Don’t play games with Destiny.
Don’t think about the things you do when you fall in love,
Just the things you say when you care.

Daisy, seventh grade, Ojeda Middle School


Life should be enjoyed. You should live it to its fullest and take risks. When life knocks you down, just keep trying.

In life, you and everyone around you will encounter obstacles. If you keep trying, you will overcome them.

Your life should be fluid and graceful. It should flow like a river. It has currents and even whirlpools. Drama ends up as a waterfall. Excitement is a whirlpool of happiness.

You should enjoy life. It does not last as long as you think. You can overcome an obstacle. There is always a way. Don’t give up on life, ever.

Dominic, seventh grade, Ojeda Middle School

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