Summer Nights

This week’s featured writer brings us an inspiring poem both rich and spare in its language and execution. As you move through the stanzas, notice how light and dark, day and night dissolve, as you’re simultaneously invited to fly from earth to sky and back again. Congratulations to Shivani on a delicate and wondrous poem perfect for a summer evening.

Dark to Light

lost in the suffocating darkness
lost in thought

you see black
you see white
you see beautiful designs

black as dark as coal
silver and gold
white as bright as the sun


large black
large black sky
large black painting

at night

the sky is dark
children get scared
because all they
see is black

at night when we
look up we
see nothing
we see stars

white sparkling
wonders light
the soulless sky

we see the stars
we see hope

hope fills the sky
when we look
when we look
we see pictures

they line up to
in the night sky
created by twinkling

under the bright
night sky we
see the choking

Shivani, ninth grade, Badgerdog Creative Writing Summer Camp

One thought on “Summer Nights

  1. Your poem reminds me of the night skies above the Grand Canyon and how somehow, ironically, the universe feels smaller and more claustrophobic, the more stars there are in the sky. I feel as if I am lying there now, lulled in contemplation of light and dark. Thanks for taking me back there, Shivani.

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