Hornsby-Dunlap Elementary School

This week, we celebrate the work of twelve young writers at Hornsby-Dunlap Elementary School in Del Valle ISD. In just three short weeks with Badgerdog writer Jena Gessaman this summer, these writers churned out a trove of amazing prose. The collection that follows is a testament to their creativity.

My Brother’s Hair

My brother’s hair is like a porcupine on his head. My brother’s hair goes straight up, and he has a big head like a planet. He always puts gel in his hair to make it spiky. My mom’s hair is flat like paper. My hair sticks up. My dad’s hair is curly, and he pulls it to the back of his head. My hair is soft when it’s dry. My brother’s hair pokes me.

Victor T.

Crazy Hair

Me and my family have crazy hair. My mom has straight hair, like a floor. My dad’s hair looks like a bouncy ball. My sister’s hair looks like a rattle snake. My brother’s hair looks like Frankenstein hair. My dog’s fur looks like a muddy puddle. My hair looks like a dead rattle snake, too.

Alicia S.

The Shell Ship

I am a predator in space. The stars are far away like little holes in a black piece of paper. There’s a swirling black hole. Me and my ship better get out of here. Away! We made it to this planet. I must destroy the two moons.

Nicholas D.

Amy with the Hats

Amy had a hat. She had different kinds of hats. First, she put on a straw hat, and her long brown hair got stuck. She imagined herself on a safari helping sick animals. Next, she put on her farmer’s hat and imagined her life as a farmer. She imagines planting vegetables and working hard. Later, Amy put on a sailor’s hat. She loves being a sailor because she loves the sea and she can be on a boat. Amy loved having her imaginary hats of life.

Mayra R.


My brother’s hands are like five medium sticks. My sister’s hand is normal, like a monkey hand. My hands are like little dog paws. My hands are nice with wonderful nails. They’re perfect. My dad’s hands are perfect, too. My cousin’s hands are small. My baby cousin has hands like bright little stars.

Alex L.

Different Types of Shoes

Almost everybody in my family likes different types of shoes. My dad likes Nikes; when he runs with them his shoes look like green chameleons running for their lives. My mom likes Sketchers for running. She runs like a cheetah. My brother likes soccer shoes. Whenever he’s running with them he looks like he’s in the middle of a soccer game. My sister likes Sketchers—the twinkle toes, the ones that light up. Whenever she runs with them, she looks like she has super powers. I like Converse. Whenever I run, it looks like I’m a star shining. And finally, my puppy: he doesn’t wear shoes. He’s just fat and sleepy. He looks like a puffball.

Yessenia S.


There was a lady who had a hat. It was quite old; there were rips and gaps. The lady had brown eyes and orange shoes. She had a red shirt. One day a little girl said hello to her.

“But what happened to you?” the girl asked. The lady started to cry. “It was just a question,” the girl said. “Why are you crying?”

The lady said, “Long ago, I had a son. This was his hat. He died of cancer.” The little girl said, “I’m sorry, miss.”

“Why should you be sorry?” The lady asked. “Were you the reason he died? No, I didn’t think so. Look, can you leave me alone?”

The old lady never saw the girl again.

Carissa D.


My sister has a big mouth like a big kissing frog. When she has lip-gloss on, she comes and kisses me like a big kissing frog. She leaves me all covered with lip gloss. Then I have to go to the restroom to clean my cheek. When I get lip gloss and put it all over her, she gets mad, and I run outside and climb the tree where she cannot get me! Then I go inside to hide in my mom’s room!

Angelica T.

A Hare

My cousin is as sweet as kittens. She got a new hare at a store that was as scary as an owl’s big eyes looking straight at you. But when you went in, everything was as normal as a monkey eating a banana. She asked the owner why it was so scary. He said, “Because on Halloween I made the store scary, and for the first time nobody broke in, so I did it every evening!”

Ariana M.


My sister’s eyes are like a full moon. My brother is as loud as a monkey. My mom’s hair is as curly as a curly fry. My dad’s fingers are as hard as walls. My dog’s spots are as black as a cold night. My hair is so soft, like a cat’s fur.

Jazmin G.

The Five-Foot-Long Rat

One day I was in the attic when something moved. I thought it was a snake, but NO! It was a five-foot-long rat! I went to get the rat poison, but when I came back, the rat was gone. I didn’t know what to do. I was looking around when I saw some dirty cheese. I saw the rat hole: it was big, like a tarantula could fit through it. So I got some wood and nailed it over the hole. I left, and when I came back, the wood was not there! I was scared so I went upstairs and got my slingshot. When I got to the attic, I threw the cheese from my slingshot, and the cheese turned and tossed like peanut butter, and I saw the rat following my cheese. I got more cheese, and then I killed the rat at last. I touched it, and it was hard like a rock.

Jackson V.

Trinity’s Story

I have an orange eraser. But it’s not an ordinary eraser. It’s a microchip from the FBI and Law and Order, the TV show. It sees only black, white, and red. Its eyes are everywhere. The orange chip will peel, peel, and peel, and there will be lots of microchips. The orange eraser disguises itself as an orange eraser. Even when it splits, it comes back together as one. It can hear when people are coming, so it comes together to make one. Beware, people. Watch out for orange erasers, because you never know when they’re on. So beware. Peace.

Trinity M.

One thought on “Hornsby-Dunlap Elementary School

  1. I am very proud of the poets from Hornsby-Dunlap Elementary this summer. Everyone participated with such enthusiasm! Carissa D. complimented meter with gentle rhyme when she wrote, “There was a lady who had a hat. It was quite old; there were rips and gaps.” I recall first reading this line by Nicholas D. and I remember thinking how absolutely brilliant this comparison was, “the stars are far away like little holes in a black piece of paper.” Bravo young writers! You let your imagination take you amazing places and you have proof in these fine words.
    Write On!
    Ms. Jena

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