Throwing logic to the wind, Jessie from Ortega Elementary offers a playful vision of color and shape. Like an abstract painting, the lines leap and twist through nature and among people, then turn through crayons, shirts, and the material world. We even spin briefly through the wonder of the solar system. In this skillful poem, Jessie creates a beautiful and insightful view of a world we’re all still trying to make sense of.

Dark as blood
Red like a rose
Purple like a crayon
Blue as a bluebonnet
Yellow smells like a flower
Gray as the moon
Red as Mars
Green and blue like the Earth
Black as the sky at night
Yellow as the beautiful stars
Orange like a leaf
Brown like a rotten banana
Winter like snow
Fall like a sunflower
Spring as yellow
Summer like bright light
Maroon like a shirt
Green as a market
White as a horse
Black like a jacket
Skinny as my brother
Fat as a mountain
Ugly as an ogre
Weird as a troll
Beautiful as a butterfly
Stupid as an ant
Colorful as an artist
Creative like a person who draws pictures

Jessie, fourth grade, Ortega Elementary School


2 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. Jessie, Bravo! This simile poem is fun for me to read because of it’s colorful nature and honesty. I really like the last lines, “colorful as an artist, creative like a person who draws pictures.” You draw beautiful mind’s eye pictures with your words. I am very proud of you, Ms. Jena.

  2. Jessie,

    Your creativity, intelligence, and personality all shine through in your poem. You have used similes that truly bring alive the five senses. I am so proud of you!

    Ms. Mimms

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