It takes courage to explore the darker side of life. Then again, it takes courage to be a writer—to try and shape the words, to pinpoint meaning, to explore the parts of life we don’t understand or always want to look at. But in this week’s Unbound selection, a young writer at Creedmoor Elementary School demonstrates both kinds of courage. Her poem, “Black,” is proof of Samantha’s ability to embrace herself as a writer, to explore the darker side of things, and unearth the hidden beauty she finds there.

Black looks like a black rose.
Black is a dress at a funeral
Or an old rock.
Black looks like your eyelashes.
Black sounds like a little girl crying
Or a dark laugh.
Black sounds like a moaning ghost
Black tastes sour
Like licorice
Or burnt coal.
Black smells smoky
Or spoiled.
Black feels like the cold and damp air.
Black makes me feel comfortable
When I watch a horror movie.

Samantha, fourth grade, Creedmoor Elementary School


6 thoughts on “Black

    • Extrordinary voice! Your poem makes the reader think. Keep writing because I’d like to read more of your work. Proud of you, Samantha.

  1. Samantha your poem is beautiful and dark at the same time, it is wonderful, me and jonathan miss you and love ya. Congradulations on getting published it is a great honor.

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