The Unfortunate and the Unlucky

William Carlos Williams’s poem, “The Red Wheelbarrow,” exemplifies for all aspiring writers the possibility of evoking strong emotion through simple imagery. Using Williams’s poem as her guide, sixth-grader Tianna does the same in her poignant selection of spare but delicate images. It takes great skill to create images at once so haunting and thought-provoking, an ability which this Del Valle Middle School student performs with grace and subtlety. Congratulations, Tianna!

So much depends
the unfortunate orphan
lying on a dirty
brown quilt
next to a battered,
scraped wall.

So much depends
the person in cheap
green flip-flops
on a sandy beach
beside the crinkling
brown leaves
blown from miles away.

So much depends
the poor old pelican
covered in oil
stuck in midnight waters,
the apricot sun
rising in the distance.

Tianna, sixth grade, Del Valle Middle School

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