My Friend Sandra

Few things are finer than a true friend, a kindred spirit, a comrade, a partner in crime. In today’s Unbound selection, fourth-grade writer Alondra wisely articulates the many blessings of friendship. Her piece is also an ode to her one-of-a-kind sidekick. May Alondra’s words remind us all to thank our friends for their laughter, their patience, and their kindness.

I have a friend named Sandra. We have known each other for a very long time, and we both have a lot in common. We both don’t like the same foods, we have a lot of the same friends, and we share a lot of our things. Our families are not the same, but we both won the same award for the friendship recipe we wrote in Badgerdog.

If we don’t see each other, I can call her on the phone, or I can go to her house. The best part is that we love what we have, even if we aren’t real sisters or if we don’t have the same teacher. We have a big friendship, and nobody can stop us from it; no one can kill it.

We both have a lot of the same friends, too, and we have some different friends, but what I love is that we never get mad at each other. Or, if we fight, it’s because I did something wrong. We also share many secrets.

Alondra, fourth grade, Baty Elementary School

5 thoughts on “My Friend Sandra

  1. That’s a very sweet and nice poem. Good work, kiddo. Keep your good poems. I loved reading this one. Keep writing. Good job!

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