Nature Reprised

This week, we feature three young poets from Sanchez Elementary School, each with a unique way of seeing the natural world. In these three poems, horsetails become fireworks, the sun is a tomato ready to be sliced, and a flower is just a trumpet in disguise. Congratulations to Kris, Areli, and Dominic! Their power with the pen has us pining for spring already.

Field Horsetail

They look like fireworks going up
in the air. They do not look
like horsetails. They also look like stitches
and they sound like a horse running
through a meadow.

Kris, fourth grade, Sanchez Elementary School


The sun looks like
a shiny tomato falling on
a cutting board. The sky
is turning black as the sun
falls. The red sun and blue
sky mix together to make a beautiful
purple that looks like the sunset
and a shooting star.

Areli, fourth grade, Sanchez Elementary School

Rock Trumpet

If you take off the flower,
and if you get the stem and
put holes in it, you can
play it like a flute.

Dominic, fourth grade, Sanchez Elementary School

2 thoughts on “Nature Reprised

  1. Congratulations Dominic, Kris, and Areli! Your poems are unique and beautiful. Our readers are lucky to get to share in them, and I am lucky to get to work with you!

    • Thank you! It is an honor to have a couple of our poems posted from our class. The poems came out perfectly. They used beautiful language to express themselves. We have an excellent author working with our class!

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