After Lorca

If we could unearth Lorca’s papers from fourth grade, they might have looked something like this. They might have been filled with equal parts beauty and mystery. They might have contained darkness and whispers, and a lion left wanting, a poet with answers. Big applause to Jorge from Govalle Elementary! This is a truly breathtaking creation and a grand tribute to one of Spain’s most beloved writers.

The Lion with No Ears

—after Federico García Lorca’s “El Niño Mudo”

The lion has no ears
and cannot hear.
His hearing has a shirt
made of black crocodile skin.
Black sounds like a day at night,
with crickets,
the moon,
and dark colors.
(His ears have always been
in his crocodile shirt—
he only needs to eat the shirt
to get them back.)

El Leon Que No Tiene Orejas

inspirado por “El Niño Mudo” por Federico García Lorca

El león no tiene orejas
y no puede escuchar.
Su oído tiene una camisa
de cocodrilo negro.
Negro se escucha como un día en la noche,
con grillos,
la luna,
y los colores oscuros.
(Sus orejas siempre las ha tenido
en su camisa de cocodrilo—
sólo necesita comerse la camisa
para tenerlas de vuelta.)

Jorge, fourth grade, Govalle Elementary School

2 thoughts on “After Lorca

  1. what tremendous power & depth & spirit in just a dozen lines! this poem will stick with me for a long while – can’t wait to read more from Jorge. thanks!

  2. Jorge,

    Your poem really blew me away! It really made my day to read something so inventive and mysterious. Please keep writing!


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