Dear, Me!

Life is so full of texting and tweets … a million emails … a slew of status updates! In the flood of all these digital messages, how do we find time for self-reflection? And what happened to the art of writing? What about the art of writing to yourself? This week, a group of fourth-grade writers from Allison Elementary show us how it’s done and how wondrous the results can be. These epistolary creations are not only charming but fitting reminders to not take ourselves too seriously and to, sometimes, show your Self what you’re made of.

Dear William,

Every time you walk, your heart moves along with you.


Dear Me,

I know you are very smart but also very sneaky. Sometimes you behave horribly, but I love you anyway.


Dear Me,

I wanted to tell you that I love you and that I have always loved you. You are a good friend, and although you have dark things inside of you sometimes, I want you to know that I love you for who you are.


Dear Me,

You are a great writer, and you should be proud of that. My favorite thing about you is your heart—every time you run, I can see it exploding across your face.



2 thoughts on “Dear, Me!

  1. I’m so impressed with the observations you’ve made about yourselves in the letters you’ve written. You’ve done a great job giving yourselves well-deserved praise, while also noticing some of your unique traits. Great job!

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