On the Prowl

Often, the power of writing is its ability to enchant… Great writers bring us into new worlds we never took the time to imagine. When this happens, we find that time has shifted. We hear new noises in our heads. We have new cares, new worries, new joys, and suddenly a whole other existence comes to life. This week, our featured writer has accomplished just that. His poem is one that pulls us into the world of the coyote—how he cries into the night, his hunger, and even his indulgence. Congratulations to D. J. at Brooke Elementary School for a poem that’s fully imagined and a pleasure to read!

Night Howls

Every night a coyote howls
Every night he howls for food—
that’s something he can’t fight.
His friends howl, too, to tell
of their hunger, so they hunt,
and after a beautiful snake,
it’s time for a nap.

D. J., fourth grade, Brooke Elementary School

2 thoughts on “On the Prowl

  1. D. J.

    This is such a cool poem: It’s smart and displays a tenderness for the coyotes, and it’s got some real music to it. Love the ending.

  2. Fabulous job, D.J.! YOU ROCK! Congratulations on having your poem featured this week!

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