How, Why, and What?

We live in a busy world, one that often requires us to keep the blinders on so we can get things done. There’s little time to sit and stare and wonder, much less question. It’s this reality that makes the writer in all of us a valuable commodity that must be nurtured, at least occasionally. The writer inside asks questions and ponders what might otherwise go unnoticed. The writer doesn’t worry about answers, but instead rests in the joy that comes from looking around and taking it all in, from imagining the possibilities that make up both the world we know and the world we see only when we let go. This week, our featured writer reminds us of the value (and fun) that emerges from curiosity. Her poem takes us on a whirlwind tour of the real and the not-so-real and sends us to a place where nothing is more important than asking what or why, how and which. Congratulations to Laura from Metz Elementary School for a poem that asks all the right questions!

¿Que Senora Come Metal y Plastico?

¿Cuál araña hace la telaraña
de hilo de construcción?

¿Por qué es el detective
un payaso de preguntas tontas?

¿Cuántas galletas de perro
se comió la ballena?

¿Cómo se metió el pato
en la computadora?

¿Cómo hace matemáticas
el corazón?

¿Cuál margarita
come pelo de los árboles?

¿Cuál reloj puede hablar
con las hojas?

¿Cuántas computadoras
viven en Méjico?

¿Qué árbol tiene veneno
en las hojas?

¿Es agua
una jirafa muerta?

What Woman Eats Metal and Plastic?

Which spider makes its web
with construction thread?

Why is the detective
a clown that asks silly questions?

How many dog biscuits
did the whale eat?

How did the duck
get inside the computer?

How does the heart
do math?

Which daisy
eats tree hair?

Which clock can speak
to leaves?

How many computers
live in Mexico?

What tree has venom
in its leaves?

Is water
a dead giraffe?

Laura, fourth grade, Metz Elementary School


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