Inquiring Minds

Our years in school are filled with facts—historical, biological, familial, geographical. We learn where things are, why they do what they do, and how they work. Often, when we hear these bits of information for the first time, they’re utterly mind-blowing, vastly expanding our small sense of the world. But slowly, over the years, these facts become second nature—two plus two is four, Europe is north of Africa, giraffes have very long necks. Today’s young writer, however, offers a fun reminder that it’s wise to occasionally question what we already know to be true, to ask again, and to go straight to the source. Congratulations to Gabby at Del Valle Elementary School on a poem that, in a sense, turns the facts on their head (at least as far as monkeys are concerned).


Monkey, monkey, why are you so
cute and smooth? Do you really
like bananas, or do you just eat them
because that’s the only thing you can
eat? Also, what color are you—brown,
pink, blue, maroon, gray, black, yellow, red,
white? Please send me an answer.
Text or call 555-5555.

Gabby, fourth grade, Del Valle Elementary School

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