A Special Guest

This week and last, Badgerdog has been fortunate enough to meet several marvelous poets visiting Austin as part of the Austin International Poetry Festival (AIPF). In addition to the poets’ readings and workshops with AIPF, these unforgettable folks volunteered to visit our Badgerdog students during their weekly workshops. The results were truly stunning. Students were enthralled by their visitors and encountered new worlds (and words) filled with inspiration.

Last Thursday, poet Tantra Zawadi, who traveled to Texas from her home in Brooklyn, NY, stopped by our fourth-grade workshop at Ortega Elementary, where she introduced students to Native American poetry then led them through a beautiful exercise in imagination and creativity. Each and every student shared their poems with the entire class. This week, we are excited to bring you the student poems inspired by Tantra’s visit. We also want to thank AIPF for sharing their poets!


I am blown away
I come and go
to the east
to the west
people breathe me in
and breathe me out
I move hard and soft
I don’t know where I’m going
but I’m going somewhere
that’s one thing



Sometimes I am in the ocean
or in the toilet.
I could be falling down from the sky
or at the beach.
Sometimes you drink me and I
lose some weight.
They sell me for money.
Who am I?


I Make

I make glistening rain fall.
I cover up the sky.
I make thunder produce lightning.
I make the earth wet.
I bring joy to dry places.
I blow away easily.



I only appear after it rains.
I am colorful.
I have the colors blue, red,
yellow, and green.
I am curved, not straight.



These places are wonderful, big places
where we feel safe.



I am loud.
You can hear me in a storm.
I am in the sky.
I am everywhere there is a storm.
Sometimes I am loud and
sometimes I am soft, but I am
still normal.



I am bright and shining.
You wear sunglasses when I am out.
I am out all day, but not at night.
You might sneeze when you look at me.
What am I?



I can get you wet.
I live in a cloud, and I fall on your head.
I drop from the sky on cloudy nights.
You wash your body with me, and you drink me.
I get your hands wet when you wash your hands.
Who am I?



I evaporate, go in the clouds, and then go back down.
I am the opposite of down.



We come out and play games
Or play in the dirt
Or play on the sidewalk
Or play with toys
Or play outside
Or play with your friend



I make your face look pretty.
The nature is lovely.
Your clothes are beautiful.
People will love you.
I roll all over the world on everybody’s face.


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