The Arrival of Great Jazz Music

Typically, wisdom is something we gain with age, when the gray hairs have begun to sprout atop our heads and the aches have begun to work through our bones, and we’re often left thinking, If only I knew then what I know now. This is why calling someone “wise beyond their years” is perhaps the greatest compliment you can pay—it implies a special understanding and appreciation of life, with all its bittersweet tapestry, its twists and turns, and its ups and downs. This week’s Unbound features a fourth-grade writer from Del Valle Elementary who fits the wise beyond her years tag to a tee. Like a great jazz song, Storm’s poem takes us through the transformative nature of sadness—its onset, its sudden departure, its stubborn ability to linger—while managing to make the experience beautiful and reflective. Congratulations to Storm for penning a poem that invites us to pause, deliberate, and wait patiently for silliness.

Don’t Like Sadness

Just in one day, the sadness
comes. When people in the war
just pass away. Why
does sadness come? Then comes
along silliness with some
great jazz music. For three
days straight it goes on. But
then it leaves. Again, just one
day is all it takes for sadness. I can
remember all the relatives
who had passed away.
A few years later, sadness
is still in town with me. When
will silliness and the great jazz
music come?

Storm, fourth grade, Del Valle Elementary School

One thought on “The Arrival of Great Jazz Music

  1. This poem beautifully captures the ebb and flow of human emotion. We yearn for joy and laughter yet must pay homage to our own sadness when it confronts us.

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