The Known World

A great poem contains two worlds—the world we know and the world we can imagine. In the world we know, summer arrives, we head outdoors, we lay in the grass, we swim, admire the sky, celebrate the green trees. In other words, we relax. In this week’s poem, we’re asked to remember the world we already know, but we’re also allowed to inhabit that world no matter where we are. Whether at our desks or in the classroom, this poem takes us from now to then. We travel back to a moment when the sun or moon was high above us and we had no other obligations but to be joyful. Congratulations, Jonathan! With your words, you’ve given us all a beautiful gift.

Joy is Heaven

Oceans make people calm.
Nature makes people happy.
Air balloons fly in the sky.
Trees turn color in the summer.
Hearing calm music is peaceful.
Animals make everything peaceful.
At night, the moon is shining.

Jonathan H., fourth grade, Hillcrest Elementary School

3 thoughts on “The Known World

  1. Way to go Jonathan! I am so proud of you and all your hard work this year!

    Your Teacher,
    Ms. Escobar

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