Dance, Dance, Dance!

Badgerdog Instructor Virginia Reeves writes: When Austin International Poetry Festival writer Gail Langstroth joined us in our writing workshop, she literally made language stand up and dance. Students were on their feet, using their entire bodies to form letters and sounds, images and elements. There wasn’t one fourth-grader in the room who didn’t participate or didn’t enjoy it. The alliterative poems that came out of the writing portion were wonderfully unique.


I will never finish the
race in time for the
grand finale.



The slimy, spiky sand slithered.



Tigers eat the meat they catch.



Lizards are licking lovely lilies.



The cat came to get his car
to celebrate
’cause it was his birthday.



The smooth notes of smooth jazz
music slithered away then more
came along ’til the smooth jazz



The snail slides down the slide. The slide
is slippery with a lot of slime.



The letter L likes the letters.
The letter L leaves a library to the letters.
The letter S leaves the letter L alone.
The letter L feels lonely. The letter L
tells the letters that she is lonely, but the letter S
says that he went to get lettuce for letter L and the letters.



Flaming fire flames fly far.



Fire flares finding firebird,
faster and faster fire flares.
Firebirds fire fireballs at flying fish.



My black dog made a burrow
and then ate bacon for
breakfast in the burrow.



The terrible taste is tickly on my tongue.



I slide down.
The people slide down the monkey slide.


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