Godzilla Walks into a Bar …

22 Aug

If we know nothing else about life, we do know this: It begins, and it ends. Generally, personal moments of import are easily captured and recorded. We keep mementos of our own “bookends,” filing away baby pictures and birth certificates. We also plan for the end, cementing its inevitability with each funeral attendance. These kinds of life stories have a general shape. Everyone knows their patterns, for we must observe them each day, confront them each time we read a newspaper. But what of the life of the world itself? What of Genesis, and what of Armageddon? No one living on earth (now, in this moment) has ever seen or experienced any such thing. Yet, the beginning and end of the world must have something to do with us, and we are unavoidably mixed up in its mysterious mess. How do we write about our possible future fates? This week’s Badgerdog writer, Ryan, has created a piece that proudly declares, “Like this!” With his touches of whimsy and splashes of paint, the end of the world begins to seem like a pretty big adventure. After all, even if we don’t know the answers, shouldn’t we at least have a little fun?

The End of the World

The world is being crushed
By a monster
Paint is splattering everywhere
Cars flying, buildings collapsing
No one will ever live
The monster will now
Eat the

Ryan, sixth grade, Badgerdog Creative Writing Summer Camp


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