Poetry Is Discovery

Robert Frost said that to write poetry is to discover, and the Barrington Elementary Mustang poets from Ms. Rodriguez’s second-grade class have discovered facts, hopes, ponies, and the lessons of karate.  Their poems investigate the absence of harm that love requires and the vital truths of animals who bring gifts of fire and barks.  But there’s something missing in Frost’s quote, because it’s not just in writing poems that we discover: it’s in reading them as well. And to read these poems is to discover a sophisticated, hopeful perception of a world where a good person is difficult to pick out of a crowd; where we should love each other for what we are, not what we might have become; a world where there are things our hearts should “never ever” do.

My Heart Is Not a Give Upper

I wish I had all the things I wanted, but I’m never going to give up on my dreams. Never ever, my heart is not a give upper. I listen to my heart. I’m not a give upper like nobody else I love. My dream is to become an artist. I love my dream like my life. My Christmas presents, I’m never going to let them out of my heart. I wish for everything good in my life. I love my family. If they’re in danger I will help them because I love them so much like I love my whole life. I’m never going to give up on being an artist like when I was four I drew a truck and it came out perfect and now in my house I have like thirty or twenty drawings of eagles.



Once upon a time Ashe, Rock, and Misty were good guys.
They fought a team named Rocket.
But Ashe used Pokémons.
He used Pikachu.
He is a thunder Pokémon.



I love my mom because she never ever hit me
and my dad never ever hit me
and my sisters and my brother
they never hit me
and I would not hit them



Once there was a kid who always wanted to learn karate.
He always trained.
When he saw a kid that was already trained.
He was always following him.
A man stood up and the kid fought with the man.
The man won and the kid learned a lesson.



I like the dragons
because they can swim in the water
and they can bring fire.



My family is so nice.
When I do not follow instructions,
they let me play.


Little Puppy

I want a little puppy with brown and white curls and very little. Its name is Mily Lupita and Sparkles. It sleeps with me and it loves to lick and it sleeps on your shoulder. She makes a puppy face so you can give her a treat and take her a bath. She’s one year old, and she will give you her paws and will give you a little bark.


Untitled (in Spanish)

an sasa
cerni an she
tu mi setas
an she


Never Ever

my family doesn’t hit me
but I don’t hit my brother
or my father
or my mother
never ever


I Said Stop

my sister is mean because she always hits me
I told my dad and my mom
my mom closed the door
my sister hit me on the hand
and I said stop hurting me
because I am going to tell my mom
because you are hurting me on my hand
then when my brother came
my sister hit my brother with the hand on the feet
I told my mom to take my sister away from my bed
and I was happy because my mom took my sister away



I want a horse
I have it in Mexico
but it is a pony
then I painted it pink
then I put some pink stars
like a pony in the cartoons
and then I got my pony
I told my dad that my dream came true
I told him my grandfather brought me a horse
and my dream came true


Good and Bad

One day there was a man called bad man and the other person called good person. The bad man always shouts. The good person, he is sad. The bad man, he always tells all the things, and he always cleans his feet. The good man, he smells like a pig and he smells bad and he smells like cheese. The bad man always smells good. He smells like a flower or a rose. The good person found a person and gave him power. He smells like a rose. He doesn’t smell stinky like a pig. He escaped the castle, and he lived happily ever after.



I think my family is very nice.
We went to the river, and my father found a turtle.
My sister found another turtle in the river.
Then I found many turtles.
Then my father got six turtles.


Horse and Dog

my favorite animal is a horse
and my dog
but they never buy me a horse
but my dad and my mom
think that horse and the dogs
they think that the dog
gonna eat the horse



my mom
and dad
are nice



duck-billed platypus
is the only mammal that lays eggs
a duck billed platypus
Have six senses in his nose that has two holes
the six senses do like smells
but the duck-billed platypus
doesn’t smell
he does another thing
he eats crayfish


A Hamster

I want a hamster.
A hamster is cute.
Hamsters can be any color you like.
I really want a hamster.
I don’t know why. It can be little.
It can be huge. It can be shy.
But it is always for you.
You can out it almost anywhere.
In a box. On your head.
But be careful, it may fall.
Put it on your bicycle. In your truck.
On a pony. In your hand.
A hamster is great.
It can be anything out of your imagination.
But the special thing about a hamster is…
He will be there when you need him.


Surrounded by Happiness

When I’m in college, I want to be a doctor. I want to be a doctor because I can help people and I want to get money to be rich. My brother wants to be a policeman. He likes to fight and use guns. I’m scared, and my mom is too, if my brother dies if somebody shoots him. My mom wants to be a singer. But she is a cooker. She makes some burritos and some tacos. I love, love, love when she makes them. My dad works with my mom because he’s on vacation. I love so much my family. My dog already died the last Friday. My family was so sad, even I, I wish he never died. On Saturday I did a performance. It was ballet dancing. I was shy that day. I thought I was surrounded by happiness. I thought I was so popular. My favorite thing is to sing and draw.


Puma Shoes

In Christmas I wanted Puma shoes, but I didn’t get them. I just got a Play Station 3. The Puma shoes that I wanted were black on the side and were silver and I really wanted them, but they cost $40. My mom and my dad told me they were gonna buy me those shoes for the next year in Christmas, but I think they won’t because those Puma shoes that I wanted cost too much. Besides, I will choose another thing besides that. So I am still waiting for the next year. I am still waiting.


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