The Magic in Every Day

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life – getting to school on time, feeding the pets, making dinner, and watering the plants – we tend to forget the intricacies of the things around us. What normally doesn’t get a second glance (a dog, a cartoon, or a plane) would never go unnoticed by Ms. Karcher’s 3rd grade and Ms. Garza’s 2nd grade students. For these imaginative observers, a job in an ice cream shop is divine and a safe box becomes a treasure chest. Holes in the ground reveal ancient tools and weathered bones, and fathers who work hard all day come home fresh like apples. Like Pablo Neruda’s Odes to Common Things, these poems help us remember that there is magic in the every day, and that we should slow down to see it and celebrate it whenever we can.

Ms. Karcher&#39s Class:


My hair looks like a blackberry.
My eyes look like a black bear.
My nose looks like a black dog nose.
My voice is like a dog.
I feel mad, happy, nice, not happy and lazy.
My personality is to read and do math.
I like to play basketball, soccer, football and baseball.



My dad and I went to work at my tia’s house.
When we are done we eat for lunchtime.
When we are done we put our money in treasure.
He has a lock on the treasure box!


Cartoon Voice

My hair color is black.
My eyes are brown.
My nose is small.
My friends say I have a cartoon voice.
My personality is writing, playing and sometimes loud.
I’m strong and I’m smart.
My favorite things to do are play video games, swimming and sports.
I like dogs and birds.
I like the beach and I like, “Eh, what’s up doc?”
I feel happy, mad, fun, nice and friendly.


No Problems

My eyes are brown, black hair, loud voice,
my nose is brown and I have long legs.
I have long arms and I’m tall.
I like drawing, playing and reading.
My favorite place to go is Austin Park & Pizza.
I feel happy when I have no problems.
I feel sad if we don’t get to go where I want to.



planes are big
they are fast
they take people from
here to there
and everywhere
they go high
they go low
they are fantastic
just like me


I Mean Dirty

My dad makes houses and I think he works on buildings. My dad works in Round Rock, Bastrop and I think San Antonio. My dad goes to work in the morning when me and my twin brother wake up. He has like ten people working with him. I think it takes him about ten or twenty minutes to get to work. He comes home all dirty. When I say dirty, I mean dirty. He comes home with dirt on him. He dusts himself off when he comes home and he’s sweaty. When I say sweaty, I mean sweaty.



My dad and I were thinking we should build a dollhouse. So we decided we should make a dollhouse. The next thing we did was go and buy wood. I helped him with it. I told him how I wanted it and he did it. It was beautiful and then we painted it! I painted it with my mom. The colors were pink, blue, green, red and yellow. She put some decorations on and it was perfect. I play and play and play. I had so much fun I could not stop playing!


My Grandmother&#39s Job

I imagine about my grandmother’s job.
She can let me help her.
What she can give me for lunch is free ice cream all day!
Then all the money we made, I can get half of it.
I can keep all of the ice cream and snacks she has.
When I grow older she can give me an ice cream job.
I get to start my job anytime I want.
I can even do it at 12:00 at night.
I get to pass out free ice cream to everybody.
If I don’t know them they have to give me a dime.


Fresh Like an Apple

My dad works at Pitney Bowes.
He wears a blue shirt and shorts.
He smells fresh like an apple.
He acts pretty.
He goes to work from 7:00 am- 5:30 pm.
He works ten hours.
My mom works at Family Dollar.
She wears red.
She smells fresh too.
She works different times.
My brother works at a painting job.
He always gets paint everywhere.
He smells funny.



My grandpa is an archaeologist. He has a long trip everyday from my house to Houston. He took me there one day and all I saw was a bunch of holes in the ground. One of his work friends found a bone from a dinosaur! He said that I could start digging and he gave me a pick and I stayed for hours. I finally found an arrowhead and my grandpa said to keep it. He said that he has always wanted to find one like that and he told all of his friends about how I found it. He works 8 hours a day and he is ALWAYS tired when he comes home from work. Every month he gets a giant paycheck. He gets $45 for every fossil he finds. One time he got $727 for all the fossils he found that month! He got extra money for the one that I found and he gave me $45!


Ms. Garza&#39s Class:

Tacky and the Costumes

Tacky was wondering what they were doing at a food store. His friends were wondering that too. Then tacky said to his friends, “To tacky,” and so they worked together. They put what they needed to do for the food. They found the food so the customers came and ate. Then Tacky and his friends were surprised because the king was coming. The king sat on a table and he was hungry. Tacky and his friend said, “What do you want your majesty?” The king said, “I want a bowl of fish.” So he ate and ate and ate and he went back to his house.



One day I found a turtle shell on the beach and it had bones in it.
I got home and said to my mom, “I found a turtle shell!”
I showed her where the bones were.
I said, “The bones are inside the shell.”
So I put the turtle shell on top of the closet,
so my little brother wouldn’t get it.
That turtle shell, I will keep it for many long years.


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