Going Places

Some people would argue that it’s not about the destination, but the people you encounter along the way; others may say that a journey’s not worth taking unless you have a sweet ride. Ms. Munoz’s class at Barrington Elementary explores both sides of this question. To some, the people they encounter, cousin Jesus, Mom, Purple Stinking Fish, or Dad, are the most important parts of the journey. Others would rather have a black and pink car that goes 1000,000,000 miles per hour to get them where they’re going. Both sides seem to have their point; maybe one day Mom or Dad can time travel after they’ve stepped off into the lake from their floating Lamborghini.

One Time

my cousin Jesus
he doesn’t talk
he’s that good
he writes tiny
and one day I sent him to the moon
he played boxing with a monkey
and it was a tie
the monkey flew in an airplane to his house
one time he turned into an Autobot
and kicked Megatron’s butt
he was the Autobot Optimus Prime
one time
he went to Mars and fought aliens
he killed the aliens
with a blaster that shot a laser
one time
he rode a T-Rex
and the T-Rex couldn’t get him off him
at the end of the day
he ate a frightened chicken
he went back to his house to play with his monkey
when they were done
they got inside the house
and he played video games with his monkey


Best Mom

My mom works at cleaning houses.
My mom takes my brother with her
because she doesn’t have a
babysitter to take care of him.
My mom likes children.
My mom has four sons and me.
My mom lives in Dallas.
My mom goes with my two brothers to school.
My mom is the best mom I’ve ever known.


Playing with My Cousin

When my mom lets me, my cousins and I bake a cake. When we are finished we put it in the oven. Then we go swim. Then we get to eat cake when we go to the park. We play catch like if a person touches you, you need to touch another person. Then we go on vacation to Dallas because we have family over there. We play with my other cousins because they’re fun and that’s the most fun of all the parts. We play with my uncle and it’s so fun. We play the egg game because we like to play that game so much. It’s about that you may need to crack the person. We go to Six Flags; it’s cool.


My Dad&#39s Work

My dad works and he has the hard thing to do. My dad works on houses he builds. My dad is so tall. My dad wears long pants and white shirts. When he comes back he says he loves his job. He is so funny. When he goes to work and uses his materials it sounds like hammers and machines, like a tractor picking up wood. When he comes back he takes a shower, eats and takes us to the store. He buys me stuff. My dad is fun and also he is a talker. He tells jokes like this, “What does the frog tell the fly?” Then he tells the answer and my mom, me and my little brother Junior laughed and we couldn’t stop laughing. He wears boots when he’s at work. He wears boots because there are some people that let down a window and a screw and he could cut himself. He’s cool. He makes tricks. He took me to San Francisco.



The person that I like is my brother.
I like his job because he writes music.
I like music and he likes music too.
He shows us what kind of music he is writing.
When he was in high school every morning
he’d take his iPod to hear his music.
I like English music.
My brother went to college.
My brother was so happy because
he told some boy to help him on his music.


Black Line

my car is gold
is cool
goes 90,000
never stops
when I stop
I make a black line
I go far away like Mexico
I race and I win
I take my dad to work
he said it’s cool
my cousin has one
and it goes fast
one time he came with me
my car will take you
rush before for the end
watch my car is hot
it has buttons
one to like my car
and one for food

Jesus H.

My Car

I pick that car because you can travel in time.
You can relax by pushing a button so it can drive by itself.
My car has a pool inside.
My car can transform into anything you say.
You can play video games.
My car’s color is red, white and black stripes.
It can go 100,000,000 miles per hour.
It has ice cream in it.
You can do billions and billions of stuff.



The color of my car is orange.
I wish my car could go 900 miles each day.
My car is a racing one.
It has white light.
It has Firestone tires.
My car has 4 seats.
It has an engine of blue and yellow colors.
Its maximum speed is 680.
The car has turbo.
When it starts a race gas comes out.
I want to go to Canada because there is tons of snow.
My dad is going with me.
It has cool tires.
My car can fly.

Jesus M.

Speed of Light

The color of my car is light green.
I wish my car could go 1 billion miles per second.
It has white lights. My car has 3 nitrous.
It has the speed of 300 cars. One rim is golden.
It starts with a big roar.
When it goes full speed, fire comes out of the wheels.
If I were taking someone with me,
I would go with my family to China.
I would drive through anything, faster than the speed of light.


To The Moon

there was a car
it was black and pink
I was going to space
to the moon
the noise was rrwwrrm
it was a spaceship
I went with Ellen Ochoa
when it landed
it said, “We land”
it tells you where we are
it was like a robot
it can change the color of the spaceship
if you wanted a party it will make one
I can change the shape of the car
it goes fast, fast


A Purple Fish That&#39s Stinking

One day I went to the river and something hopped and it was a purple fish. It smelled like smelly feet when you don’t take a shower. That’s how it smelled. He had big, ugly teeth. It was kind of like the ugly duckling. Then the purple fish said, “Do you want to look at my feet?” I said, “Yes.” Then he showed me his feet. he had big, big nails and they had big cracks like SpongeBob’s nails. When they came closer I almost wanted to vomit. It smelled like old trash with food and bugs.


Hot Rod

I have a car that goes 40 miles per hour. The color is blue. My car is also like a submarine. It can swim in the water. My car’s seats are colored green. My car’s wheels are green. I would like to go to all the stores. My car works in sand. It doesn’t get stuck. I would go by myself. My car’s lights are red and white and yellow. My car has 5 seats. My car has 2 doors. I would go to Wal-Mart and it would take like 3 minutes to get there. My car had nitrous.


Saber Car

My car is pink, purple and black. Jennifer is going to go with me to the mall because she is my friend. She likes to go to the mall. My car can fly and it can turn into a limousine and different cars. I like my car. It is so cool to have a car like Mira’s. My car goes, “Room, Room, Room!” I like going to the mall. I built that car and I painted it pink, purple and black. I like being outside with my car. My car goes 5,000 miles per hour. It is so cool because you go fast, super fast. I did many things with my car and I called it Saber Car.


Flying on the Sky

One day my dad gave me a Lamborghini that could float on the water. Then I asked my dad if we could go to a lake to drive the car on the lake. The car was black and the rims were grey. One day I pushed a red button on the car and then wings came out of the car. I was flying on the sky and then I picked up my dad from the floor. Then everybody was staring at me in the sky.


999 Speed

My car is going to be red.
It will go under water like it was swimming.
It can go to space.
The car has food and television.
It can turn into a house.
The fastest speed it can go is 999.
I am going to go with my friends.


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