Destiny, a poet from Ms. LaTouf’s fourth grade class at Perez Elementary, writes an inspiring poem that reminds us of the beauty of childhood innocence. Destiny uses repetition in the beginning of each line to strengthen her beliefs and give each of them their own significance.  What may seem like trivial tasks to us—walking our pet, brushing our teeth, and keeping our home clean—are important and necessary to Destiny.  She inspires us to value these seemingly effortless tasks, to appreciate our own memories of childhood (such as sleeping, roaming freely, and having fun), and to take care of the world around us.

I Believe

I believe in God.
I believe it should snow every day.
I believe drugs are bad.
I believe kids should have fun in their childhoods.
I believe kids should have phones.
I believe love is in people’s hands.
I believe the world needs to stay clean.
I believe dogs can do what they want.
I believe cats can have treats.
I believe life is fun.
I believe more things should be free.
I believe kids should work.
I believe people should keep their houses clean.
I believe cats are cute and funny.
I believe you should treat your dog nicely.
I believe you should take your animal for walks.
I believe people should brush their teeth.
I believe people should not be bullied.
I believe flowers should grow.
I believe people have rights to do what they want.
I believe hate is a strong word.
I believe water is good for you.
I believe kids should go to school.
I believe computers are fun.
I believe kids should get lots of sleep.

Destiny, fourth grade, Perez Elementary School

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