The Ocean

Some people would argue that the best time of the year to make a trip to the beach is during the summer, when there is practically no wind, when the sun is blazing, and when the water feels “just right.”  Matilde, a poet from Mr. Alaniz’s fourth grade class at Pickle Elementary, seems to prefer the opposite.  In her poem, “Moderate Ocean,” she is grateful for the fresh breeze, the cool sand, and the small light provided by the moon.  Matilde reminds us that our favorite beach-time memories—walking endlessly along the water, building sand castles, and relaxing—can be appreciated by anyone at anytime, “no matter what.”


Moderate Ocean

I was in my house.
I was walking to the ocean.
I was there!
I felt the breeze hitting my face,
the sand touching my feet.
Outside it is cold or hot.
I was just so shocked.
People scream, people talk,
some make houses in the sand.
Some swim, some walk, let’s hold hands.
Walk to the moon stalk.
We’re cold and we’re hot.
It doesn’t matter.
We’re going to the moon stalk.
We’re happy, we’re sad,
we all can shout and hold hands.
Wind in my hair, it feels good,
yes it does.
It sounds like, whoooosh!
I felt that swoosh.
It’s nice, it’s cold, but it doesn’t matter
what the weather controls.
It’s relaxing and noisy; I’m just so noisy.
I walk; I see the moon stalk.
I see the moon’s face.
It’s ugly or pretty, no matter what,
people are not always perfect.
People judge, some don’t, but the breeze
feels cold
like the snow on my nose.

Matilde, fourth grade, Pickle Elementary School

One thought on “The Ocean

  1. Matilde, I loved this poem when I first read it. I recall the idea of a “moonstalk” and how very creative this thought was. You captured the balance of nature and emotion. “It’s ugly or pretty, no matter what, people are not always perfect.” This line is very wise. Congratulations and I am very proud of you! -Ms. Jena

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