The Green Window

Metaphor is the language of life. All the world’s a stage for language to help us understand, to know ourselves. Erik, a fourth grader in Ms. Rodriguez’s class at Blackshear Elementary, shares an enigmatic poem this week, “The Green Window.” His first line, “This is a green window,” is uniquely open for interpretation. What is the “this”? Is he talking about a freshly mown lawn in spring, reflected in the windows of his classroom? Could the green of the window mean new? Could it be alive, like the plants and bluebonnets that sprinkle our landscape these days? The beauty of poetry, and of Erik’s poem, is that you, the reader, get to decide.

The Green Window

This is a green window
on a blue sky
over a house
or a sky
on a house
over a sky.
It is like a reflection of the window.

Erik, fourth grade, Blackshear Elementary School


One thought on “The Green Window

  1. I’m so proud of you, Erik! This is such a remarkable poem, and you are such a remarkable writer! ~Ms. Virginia

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