Pants! For National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month! To celebrate, we’ll be featuring a new poem on Unbound each day!

Today, we’re featuring Julissa from Ms. Rodriguez’s class at Perez Elementary School.


—inspirado por “Momias” de Nicanor Parra

Un pantalón se peina los bolsillos
Otro pantalón canta Hannah Montana
Otro pantalón come del piso.

Un pantalón brinca en un pantano
Otro pantalón se roda en lodo.

Un pantalón hace un pillow fight
Otro pantalón escribe un poema
Otro pantalón se pinta la cara.

Todos los pantalones están en una limosina
Casi todos los pantalones abren sus regalos.

Varios pantalones se toman fotos
Unos pantalones se comen sopa de letras
Un pantalón se come sopa de hongos.

Un pantalón canta y baila
con Justin Bieber.


—after Nicanor Parra’s “Mummies”

One pair of pants combs its pockets
Another pair of pants sings Hannah Montana
Another pair of pants eats off the floor.

One pair of paints jumps in the swamp
Another pair of pants rolls in mud.

One pair of pants has a pillow fight
Another pair of pants writes a poem
Another pair of pants puts on makeup.

All of the pants are in a limousine
Almost all of the pants open their presents.

Some pants take pictures
A few pants eat letter soup
One pair of pants eats mushroom soup.

One pair of pants sings and dances
with Justin Bieber.

Julissa, fourth grade, Perez Elementary School

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