What Is the Color Gold? For National Poetry Month

To continue our celebration of National Poetry Month, here’s a poem from Amy, a fourth grader in Ms. Rich’s class at Pioneer Crossing Elementary.

What Is the Color Gold?

Gold is the color of a bright bird.
If you hear its beautiful chirp,
you will go to the hill and watch the sunset.
You will soon get sleepy
and doze off.
When you wake up the next morning,
you’re in your home.
You won’t see anything from your strange
journey, but you will find a gold key
in your coat pocket.
Three years later,
once you are seventeen,
you find that it is the key to
your love. When you’re older,
you know to move on,
and you get that special person
the most important thing to her—a ring.
Amy, fourth grade, Pioneer Crossing Elementary School


3 thoughts on “What Is the Color Gold? For National Poetry Month

  1. I’m so proud of you, too, Amy. It’s a beautiful poem and you have a beautiful imagination. I’m lucky to be your teacher!

    –Ms. Liz

  2. I love you so much Amy and I cannot tell you enough how happy you make my life. I am SO VERY PROUD of you!!

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