Reaching for Freedom

Happy Friday! In celebration of National Poetry Month, here’s another wonderful poem! This poem, which is untitled, was written by Janelle, a fourth grader in Ms. Becker’s class at J. J. Pickle Elementary. Janelle dreams of soaring through the sky, with airplanes and butterflies, until she reaches what she loves most—freedom.


I will go to the sky to touch the clouds
because I always wish to touch the clouds,
and I will go to space and meet the aliens,
and this is called a passage.
So I will fly until I meet Paris and Tokyo
and I will go with the airplane
and the butterfly.
I always wish to fly on an airplane and a butterfly.
If I fly with them I will go to freedom,
because I like to go to freedom.

Janelle, fourth grade, J. J. Pickle Elementary School


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