In celebration of National Poetry Month, which is closely coming to an end, here is a wonderful poem by Edwin, a fourth grader in Mr. Yniguez’s class at Winn Elementary. Edwin dreams of being something else—a puppy, an elephant, a car—yet he accepts his reality, knowing  that all he will ever be is something which is  “made of bone.”

My Dreams

I’m touching
clouds, they’re blue and my
hand is made of bone
because the acid from the
cloud burned me. I’m
a restless boy. I’m
a puppy. My hand is still
made of bone. I’m
an elephant. My hand
is still made of bone.
I’m a car. It’s difficult
to be a car, I tell you all.
Why? OK, I’ll tell you all why—
because I have three tires
and my hand of bone.

Edwin, fourth grade, Winn Elementary School


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