Where Every Lego Is Free

The country of Ms. Collins’ second grade class at Highland Park Elementary School has a diverse population: there are crazy grandmas, the stinky (but loved) feet of those grandmas, badgers, and colors that smell like penguins. In the country of Ms. Collins’ class, every lego is free and friends give each other flowers.  In the country of Ms. Collins’ class are the glittering imaginations of creative, caring young poets.


Crazy Grandma

Crazy Grandma is super crazy.
She bites Elvis
and Elvis screams, “Geez!
Crazy Grandma is crazy!”


The Life-Size

I am a life-size head.
I am a life-size loco head with bananas.
I am a big fat loco freckle with a banana.
I am a window with skunks.
I am a loco loco lopo loco.
I am a lilo lilo life-size ant.
I am a po po po po po banana.


Her Flower

Sydney’s flower is pretty.
She loves it.
She puts it in her vase
because it is so, so, so pretty.
It is a rose that is red.
It has a beautiful stem.
The stem is green.
I gave the flower to Sydney.

Zoe B.

Badger Bob

Why does Badger Bob not wear

When will mimes start to be
like real people?

Why does Frank look
like a frog?

Why does Bobby Joe
step on yellow snow?

Who has an arm that’s
an inch long?

Why can’t aliens be like

If I move to a different
home, will I cry?


Her Feet

Grandma’s feet smell like a dump.
Sometimes she makes me want to throw up.
Everyday I massage her feet.
It feels like my hands are a piece of dried meat.
Everyday I put so much lotion on her feet
to make them smell better,
but everyday I think they get worse.
Sometimes I want to cut off her feet,
but my mom says, “That would be mean.”
Instead of going to school,
I sit down and massage her feet—it’s so cruel.
Now I wish to go to school.



It smells like a penguin
flying through the water.
It feels like a smooth,
wet flipper.
It sounds like the splash
of the water.
It tastes like a cold snowball
made by the penguin.



It tastes like an orange
from California.
It feels like a sweet, juicy apple
lying in the sun.
It smells like a lily pad
floating in the water.
It sounds like the nice wind
blowing in the evergreen trees.


Sky Blue

It smells like
birds flying in
the sky. It feels
like Neptune in
my backyard.
It sounds like
the blue ocean
making a lot
of sounds and
splashes. It
tastes like
blueberry cake.


In the Country of Crazy Things

There are crazy
fishies that are

It smells like
chocolate and

You can see
burgers walking.

You can see
spiders that
look like ants
with eight legs.


Grandma Elvis

Grandma Elvis sings on the stage.
She doesn’t wear anything.
She falls off the stage
and cracks open her head
and all her teeth fall out.
She is watched
by her boyfriend Bynard.
She is Grandma Elvis.


Beautiful Feet

Oh, beautiful feet!
People say they stink.
To me, they are just a sight.
I think they were brought
from space. I hope they stay
forever so I can make
a sculpture of them.



It smells like a hungry wolf on a mountain.
It feels like soft, fuzzy fur.
It sounds like a growling animal.
It tastes like icy hair.

Zoe L.

Dancing in Massachusetts

Massachusetts was tired
of standing there and standing there,
so one day, it decided to dance.
For us, it was an earthquake,
but to Massachusetts,
it was just dancing like crazy.


In the Country of Talking Dandelions

Big talking dandelions.

People on the dandelion leaves listening
and laughing at the dandelions’ stories.



I am an asteroid
that is a giant meatball.
I am Superman
who runs into the Empire State Building,
and it falls on him and he dies.
I am a fish that gets eaten by another fish,
and that fish is eaten by a big fish.
I am a giant pair of green pants with holes in them
that nobody wears.
I am an apple with worms, cockroaches, and crickets.


Dog with a Yucky Eyeball

I had a dog with a yucky eyeball.
(I spilled mac and cheese
on his eye.) I went to Walmart
to find a clean eyeball.
I took the yucky one out
and put a clean one in.


Fat Bob Marley

For Bob’s breakfast,
he had sausage, pancakes,
bacon, donuts,
cereal, orange juice,
milk, water,
and apple juice!
Oh! So that’s how he got so fat!


In the Country Where Every Lego Is Free

A dragon that is 5,682 pieces.
A giant that is 10,252 pieces.
I am the protector of the village.



It sounds like a drum pounding
in Japan.
It feels like Ms. Collins’s
warm hugs.


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