The Power of Imagination

Students of Ms. Nudelman’s second grade class at Highland Park Elementary School know how to convert their wild imaginations into brilliant poetry. Some imagine themselves as books seeking shelter among shelves and cherishing the words they have to tell. Others imagine themselves as french fries that love being dipped in ketchup, or cupcakes with the power to provide happiness in every child’s heart. Some of these poets don’t imagine themselves as anything at all, but use their imaginations to defeat their biggest fear, to show their pets how much they love them, and to create work that reminds us of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s famous “Sonnet 43“. It’s hard to imagine that these poems were written by second graders, but we’ll just have to ignore our imaginations on this one, and let the reality and brilliance of it sink in.

The Strike of a Blade

A terrorizing scream
Scream fills my ears
The excruciating pain is unbearable
My heart beats faster as I see my fear
A white ghost
Walking in the moonlight
My eyes widen
My body shakes with fright
I scream and run from the room
I panic
My head spins
I feel that I am trapped in doom
The ghost floats in
I start to run
But she giggles and grins
I feel I’ve mistaken her terribly wrong
But there’s a poof!
And she is gone



Sorrow falls over me
As I look out the window
Those sad, dark clouds
Thinking of the hiding deer
I hear the rain go pitter-patter
Louder, louder, then Boom!
I look at the temperature
Thirty degrees, it could snow
Thinking of the frozen little deer
I hear footsteps at my door
I look out, a deer
I go inside to get a blanket
Better, better still
Sorrow falls over me
Though I am grateful
Grateful for who I am
Grateful for a roof
Tears in my eyes
Rolling down my cheek
The sorrow won’t leave ’til it’s over
Sitting there waiting
Sorrow falls over me
Finally it stops
I am fine
So are the deer


The Birds

Birds chirp in a nest sounds like a song.
I’m glad it’s not big, loud bongs.
The tree is old.
The birds get cold.
They are on the ground.
They hear a pound.
The little ones play with berries.
The birds thought about getting shot.
They said they should stay in the nest
with the rest.
They should be the best.
They jump up like a cup!



I’m a simple, basic dog.
Watching out the door.
Waiting, waiting for you to get home,
so you will play with me
and maybe drop some food.
I’m white with black dots
and a very furry tail
and a purple collar and leash.
At dinnertime I stand by your chair
and wait for falling chicken.
Finally, I’m at the foot of your bed.
You are sleeping soundly.
Me, I’m almost asleep, when boom!
Your mom comes to get me.
I’m starting to not love that woman as much.


Ned’s Tongue

Slimy and disgusting
I’ll never touch it again
It’s annoying
It’s gross
I’ll never touch it again
It’s bad
It’s pink
I’ll never touch it again
I like it
I don’t like it
I can’t decide
It makes my head spin
Now I can decide
I just don’t get it
I’ll never touch it again
Weird and squishy
I’ll never touch it again
I told you it’s gross
It’s not a nose
It’s Ned’s tongue



If I were a cupcake, I would be BIG and very chocolaty, full of little confetti and icing two inches high. I would be inside a box with twenty cupcakes just like me. Go to Costco and you will see. I would be waiting day and night until somebody buys me for a big party. Then, faster than you can say, “chocolate cupcake with confetti sprinkles,” I will be gone. I will have a very short life, but I will like it. My dream would be to see a very happy heart that Cupid would fly to and make happiness come to life in every child’s heart. Loneliness would go away for every little person. This is part of my BIG dream!


I Love Louie

Soft fur tickling me,
a small blue tag
peeking through a sea of
brown curls.
My dog Louie the poodle.
He swims,
he plays with me,
he is my favorite pet.
I love him.


My Fear

I have a fear of bloody murder by a scary monster.
It’ll tear me up to bits before I can hide,
but my duckies will protect me day and night
in my room and in the house.
They protect me with my love and salty tears.
If they were not there, I’d soon be saying goodbye!



Pattering footsteps on the roof
Rain is falling oh so very fast
Plink, plink, plink
Rain is falling
Looks like teardrops falling from your face
Tastes like fresh spring water
Sounds like footsteps walking toward you
Feels like water from a shower
Smells like a wet plant growing very quickly
Rain stopped falling
All is quiet


Library Book

I am a book.
People read me every day.
My home is the library where I play.
I play hide and seek,
Where kids look for me on shelves.
I hide among my book cousins,
Having so much fun.
My leather cover holds onto the words
I have to tell,
I love living in the library
With a sweet lavender smell.


A Book

I am a book
A plain brown book
I have two hundred pages
Every day somebody reads me
People throw me on the ground
When they’re done reading me
People color on me
Draw on me
People don’t care
If I rip or tear
I see other books being put on shelves
I feel sad people don’t care
I hope people will take better care of me


French Fry

I am a simple french fry.
I have a French accent.
I am a yellow fellow.
I do not like Jell-o.
I like swimming in the thing
people call the french fry basket.
I love to be dipped in ketchup.


The Riddle

you twist it
and you stretch it
you throw it
you catch it
if you shape it like a circle
you would think it is a miracle
it is a…
(finish yourself)


Oddie the ????

I am a sweet, sweet, sweet treat
That you can eat with a sprinkle of heat
The glaze of sweet pink frosting
I have rainbow sprinkles
I have a hole
What am I?


How Do I Love

How do I love
I love you and me
I love everything that love can be
I love Willow, Jack, Nathan, and Kim
I even love Milo yes I love him
I love purple ribbons blue blossoms green leaves
I love everything that love can be
Kim wears glasses
Nathan has none
They’ll clap and clap for me
When my poem is done



smoothly run across the yard
when you’re tired
you may sit
I love you Lola

you can read
you can climb
you are my tree

you tell the time
you are water proof
you are my watch

fluffy tail
fluffy cheeks
you are a squirrel

smoothly go across the water
I can steer and flip and jump
I love you my wakeboard



I am little, furry and fluffy
My owners give me care
They make me very happy
When they brush and comb my hair
I fear cats that want to scratch me
I try to tell them to let me be
But those cats they just don’t listen
So my owner comes to help me
I dream to be able to do lots of tricks
I give my owners lots of licks
They love me with all of their heart
They bring me everywhere in a cart
They bring me to the grocery store
Pet Smart, restaurants, even more
I love my owners, yes I do
They love me back, it’s really true



When I was awake.
I felt an awful shake.
It was an earthquake.
I started to ache.
An earthquake tastes like cake.



Wind in your hair
Speeding through the air
Do tricks on a bike
Nothing like a hike
Look at all the sights
Only bike when it’s light
I like doing tricks
I never use toothpicks
Biking is fun
I do it in the sun



Penguins have feet
that look like orange chicken feet.
Their bodies look like
a big, white eagles egg.
The wings look like
bridges that are black.
The heads look like
a white bowling ball.
Their eyes look like
frog eggs.
Their beaks look like
a pyramid the wrong way.
Penguins are awesome and cute!


My Doll

I love my tiny doll.
We like to play ball.
I love it when we play everyday.
Our sister’s birthday is in May.
We like it when we sleep together.
We love feathers.
She rides her horse.
I help her, of course.
We go on a trip.
Then we eat carrots and dip.
We don’t like otters!
We are the oldest daughters.
We are always happy together.
Our favorite color is purple.
I love my doll!



Plastic and smooth
Sharp and bitey
Crooked and straight
Sitting there doing nothing
Very white and plain
Goes in your mouth
Do you know what it is?


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