The Origin of a Poem, of a Life

During her three-week Badgerdog Summer Camp workshop at The Waldorf School, Novuyo Masakhane asked her high school writers to seek out their origins. One writer, Lauren, who was born with cerebral palsy, had never talked to her mother about the day she was born, about her arrival in the world. After interviewing her mother about that day, Lauren wrote this beautiful epistolary poem.

Dear Mama

Now that we’re here,
can I tell you something?

I’m sorry about that.
I never meant to scare you.
I guess I just wanted to make an entrance.

I know you didn’t get to see me today,
but I saw you.
You are very beautiful, Mama!

…even when you’re crying.

I hope I got your eyes.
I did tell them to tell you not to worry about me,
but I guess they didn’t listen.
They told you I might not make,
didn’t they.
But trust me,
I know how strong you are.
I’ll be as strong as you.
This kid’s not going down without a fight.
Come on.
You didn’t think you’d get rid of me that easy,
did you?
I decided
I’m going to stick around for awhile.
Because lets face it Mama,
and I hope I’m not saying this too soon,
but I’m kind of in love with you already.

I know you don’t want to go home without me,
but hey,
I’m given you one more night’s sleep before
I wake you up at two AM for six months.
So go home.
Get some sleep,
and we’ll see each other in the morning.
I promise.
Your baby girl

Lauren, age 17, Badgerdog Summer Camp Writer

One thought on “The Origin of a Poem, of a Life

  1. This is an amazing poem. I had the privilege of hearing the author read it in person. I was so deeply touched with emotion.

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