How Come?

Ms. Tricia’s summer camp workshop is on a tear, appearing first on Badgerblog just days ago and now gracing the virtual pages of Unbound. These writers are zooming, synapses firing, writing, writing, writing, delivering line after line of poetry and prose, shooting their hands up when Ms. Tricia asks, “What just happened in this Calvin and Hobbs scene?” Answer: He’s just imagining it all. (And thank goodness he does!) This week, we return to this lightning-speed group of 5th and 6th graders who remind us, in their aptly titled collaborative poem, why it is we write. Go, Random Pink Super Fluffy Bunny Little Buster Space Unicorn Poem People! (I can’t wait to meet that mascot!)

Why We Write

To get your feelings out
To keep in touch
For fun!
To spread news

To pass time

To express yourself

Because you want to
Because your parents make you
Because your teacher makes you

To expand your ideas
Because I feel like it
To correspond
To save someone
To express yourself
Because we have to
I’m good at it
Encourage someone
I love it
Non-fiction writing

I want to
To help people
Fiction writer
To tell a person Thank you
To let us explode ourselves
Because you want to
To ENTERTAIN others or yourself

To spread information
To give information
Because you want to give more information
Because our teacher says
Why do we write?
To express ourselves
To learn about other people
To talk about news
To entertain people
To tell facts
To create an Image, paint a picture

To put Down Thoughts
Write a personal letter
To console someone
I have a story that NEEDS telling!
To communicate what we feel with others

The Random Super Fluffy Bunny Little Buster Space Unicorn Poem People (a.k.a. Owen, Ananthi, Gatienne, Evalyn, Samantha, Cara, Gracie, Nikita, Bodhi, Sofia, Winston & Hannah)

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