Good vs Evil

This week on Unbound, we’re proud to feature a graphic story authored by one of our younger writers, Victor, who’s participating in Badgerdog’s Creative Writing Summer Camp at Hope Presbyterian Church. In Victor’s high-stakes tale, “Bomb Bill,” the hero, a heavily armed do-gooder, tries to keep his cool and put an end to The Bad Guys using trickery and explosives. The vision (and artwork) infused in the story should keep you on the edge of your seat; you’ll be thrust you into the sky at lightning speed, watching as rockets and jets zoom past you, waiting as Bomb Bill, we hope, emerges victorious.

“Bomb Bill” by Victor Yu


“Hi! I’m Bomb Bill.”

“I have four fingers on one hand, I don’t have ears, and I even wear a tie.”

“I’m different in every picture, but I always have a blinking bomb.”

“That is the end of the introduction. It’s time to fight!”

Chapter 1

[Bomb Bill went into his Robo Cannon 2000.]

“I’m going to go fight. Bye!”

“This is fun!”

“What’s that?”

[Lazer Cannon/Bad Guys]

“Uh oh!”

Chapter 2

“I’m bald! I’m going to get you for this!”

“That’s better.”

[Trampoline: $9,000,000}

“I got my own jet!”

“Ha! Ha! Ha!”


Chapter 3

“We need to repair now!”

[24 Hours Later]

“We did it!”

“Let’s destroy Bomb Bill!”


“Uh oh! At least I have a bomb.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!” [Bad Guys]

[To Be Continued…]

Victor, fourth grade, Ms. Joanna’s workshop


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