Ms. Ash’s Badgerdog Writers at Brown Elementary

The second graders in Ms. Ash’s class at Brown Elementary School have written themselves into a marvelous zoo. Their poems and stories introduce us to hot bees, wingcats, scarecrows, bobcats, teddy grahams, hairless penguins, chocolate eating cheetahs, shark-bear-gators, gorillas, bats, possums, smelly owls, and night bears. Sometimes the writers describe these fierce and marvelous creatures, and at times they even become them. We’re glad to welcome you on a literary excursion that will no doubt make your day a bit more ferocious and wild.

– Claire Sylvester Smith
Badgerdog Teaching Artist

Josh the Smelly Owl

Josh was a smelly owl. He was so smelly that no one would get close to him. When he went home, his mother would tell him to take a shower because he smelled like a dog sweating. When he went to school, everyone would move away from him in class, in the cafeteria, and in the hall. Everyone would run away from him, even the teachers, the principal, the cafeteria lady, and the janitor. Nobody was at school anymore. Josh was all alone. He went outside, and nobody was outside. He was lonely. Then he said, “I don’t care that no one is here because I can do whatever I want!” When he was hungry, he saw a ladybug, and he ate it.

Juridiana (Juri)

nightbear ms ash


A big bird is flying in the air.
The moon shines.
Possums come out in the night.
Stars shine in the moonlight.
Bears come out.
Lightning bugs shine.
Bats screech.
Owls have big light eyes.
Night bears come out in night.



These sparkly things are in the sky.
They are so bright.
They make wishes for you.
They are so pretty.
They twinkle in the sky.
Bears are so big.
A circle in a sky.
An animal that can see in the dark,
an animal that is smelly,
an animal that is small,
an animal that sucks peoples’ blood.


What I Am

I am crazy about getting a new haircut.
I am a crazy girl about long hair.
I am so crazy about horses.
I am a crazy, crazy clown.
I have three big noses.
My eyes are green cat eyes.
I am a gorilla.
I will be a princess.
I am a house.


What I Am

I am a shark-bear-gator that sings.
I am snow.
I am the city of New York.
I’m just a square.
I’m a big man who drinks and drinks.
I’m the king of the stars.
I’m the president who snores.
I’m the lady who cleans.
I’m the lady who’s mine.
I’m the man who’s blind.
I’m the man who finds.

William (Billy)

My Favorite Poem About a Penguin

Spring is perhaps hot like a penguin.
He has nothing. He only has a mom
and dad. He has one friend. His
friend’s name is Pluto. He is not
very nice to many people. The penguin
is going to a restaurant. He has
no feathers, so his name is
No Hair. His friends call him NH,
because that is what No Hair starts


I Like Spring Because of Rainbows

Spring is a perhaps
like a rainbow and
that is my favorite thing
about spring because rainbows
have different colors
and the rain makes
the rainbows but it makes
the rainbows when the
rain stops when it
stops the rain clouds
go away and the light shows
and then the rainbow
comes from the clouds.


The Night

There’s a little cat.
The teddy grahams are different.
Bears roar a lot.
Animals are in the zoo.
At night I see bears.
I like to play.
Night sings.


lazycat ms ash

Of 1968

I am a cheetah that only eats chocolate for breakfast.
I am an earthquake that is a super model.
I am California that is a pussy-cat.
I am ice creamy that screams.
I am a princess who eats tree bark.
I will be a cat that is lazy.
I will be a science project.


Things I Want To Be

I am a fox.
I am a tornado.
I am New York.
I am a Bull of Chicago.
I’m the President of Washington, D.C.
I’m George Lopez, Hey!
(Knock Knock.) (Blackout.)
(Blackout you can’t see me!)
I’m a bobcat. I’m a
scholar. I sit up straight
I track the speaker.
I ask questions like a
scholar and respect the people.



The stars shine and the moon is up in the sky and a girl hears cars and busses and she wakes up and a rock flies by and the little girl screams like this: “Ho He!” And she runs inside and then she goes to sleep but animals are outside. Cars and buses are up at this time and the little girl hears sounds under her bed then everything calms down and stars are shining and the moon is not half it is full.



I see the glowing car lights.
I see the glowing eyes in
the dark, dark cave.
I hear the rattling in the
dark. I hear the bears’
growling in the bears’ cave.
I hear the big tail in
the dark—whoosh. Why do the
big flying bears?


king crow ms ash

I Am Good To See

I am a cat.
I am a sun
or the
President. I am crazy.
I am a funny little girl
and green head.
I am a wingcat.
I am a crazy brain.
I am fast good.
I am lopsided
and winning.
I am a nine-foot-
tall scarecrow.
I am a crow,
so I am the king
and I just run.



I am a bee.
I am a sunny day.
I am a bee in peoples’ hands.
In the zoo the bee is hotter.


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