Ms. Cordova’s Badgerdog Writers at Brown Elementary

Ms. Cordova’s class expressed themselves as only second-graders can—with frank, original, and vivid concepts. Using imaginative similes, they wrote poems in honor of their pets. Esmeralda wrote, “My dogs—when they bark—it is noisy, like in music class.” Roman shared, “I love my dog—he has soft skin, like if he were a polar bear, and like a glass of milk and also the pages of a book.” Luis contributed his clever line, “My cat—he doesn’t scratch and he doesn’t fight. He goes ‘duuurrr’ like a motorcycle.” I was stopped in my tracks by Nicole’s line, “I’m excited like the art of a face.” To imagine connecting these ideas is truly the basis of poetry. Poetry asks of you to speak from the heart, to look at still-frame pictures in your mind and explain them fully so that your reader or listener will connect with you. It is beyond spelling and structure. They will learn these concrete forms as time allows them practice. These very young students succeeded by sharing their thoughts and dreams fully. They did the only thing I wished for—believe in themselves enough to express their thoughts. I am proud of all of their efforts. Please enjoy the poems on these virtual pages. With a simple click, you may share them with friends and family.

Jena Kirkpatrick
Badgerdog Teaching Artist

Gold is Like the Sun

I saw my dog mad like a car,
like it was driving
to the bottom of the ocean.
I am happy because the grasshoppers
stopped making noises.
I am sad because the car is mad like my dog.
The car is gold like the sun.
I ate a fork because my soup is hot.



Normal Tree

I am a tree. I have been cut down by a person. They want me to be a Christmas tree. They are going to put baubles on me, and I do not want to be fancy. I just want to be a normal tree. Just like an apple tree. At the end of Christmas, when they are asleep, I am going to escape and be a normal tree. I am going to have some apples, and they will be crunchy and tasty. The kids are going to eat them. When they pick them, they will be tasty and crunchy. People will climb on my trunk and tie a rope and make a swing. 



Elephant, elephant, you are big.
You have long feet, and you have a big trunk,
And big ears, and a big, long tail.
And you are being big, because you have a big tummy.


Little Fish

At Christmas, I always want a dog,
But I have a little fish.
The fish know some tricks.
When I give them food, they look at me.
They go up, and they get food for their babies.
They go up again and get food for themselves.
I love my fish.
I also love dogs.
My fish are the colors black and orange.
A frog’s color is grey.


Good and Nice

My cat is blue and black and nice.
He knows where his house is.
He is a baby.
I play with him.
He doesn’t scratch, and he doesn’t fight.
He goes, duuurrr, like a motorcycle.
He runs fast.
He plays with my stuff.
I feel he is good and nice.



Dora, You Are an Explorer

Oh, Dora, Dora, Dora
You are an explorer, explorer, explorer
You drive to places where they need help
From Africa to California
From California to Illinois
From Illinois to China


Like a Treasure

Winter is cold like ice and snow.
Snow is white like paper.
I have a gold Play Station like a treasure.
My dog is mad like a tornado.
I feel good when I play my Play Station 3.
Good like happy.
I am furious like mad.
My TV is black like a black ball.
My hat is red like my shoes.
A rocket is fast like a motorcycle.
The dogs move like people. 


Save the World

Oh, Power Rangers
Oh, Power Rangers
Oh, Power Rangers
You fight battles
With cool monsters
From an evil world
You battle with
Your big robot
And you defeat the
Monsters and
Save the world



About Magical Drums, Drums, Drums

Drums, drums, drums
You are noisy
How I scream
Like there is a band I make you play
When I am really excited
And when it’s my birthday
Sing for me
I love you like I love my favorite pants
They are colored cherry and strawberry
And Hello Kitty
Like the hottest chips I ever ate


The Art of a Face

I’m happy like a bunny.
She is shy because of school.
My turtle is like a shell.
I gallop like a horse.
I cry like the rain in summer.
The color pink is like a bunny’s nose.
I’m excited like the art of a face.
I’m happy like my baby brother smiling.
Winter is like the color white.
I play music like winter.
My bracelet is like the color gold.
The wall color is like blue and white.
It’s sunny like the color yellow.
My heart is like the colors pink and red.
My house is like the school.
The dog has spots like black and white.
The worm is like the color green.
Summer is like playing at the beach.


The Heart Is Like Love

I like my book because it is from Justin Bieber.
Winter is cool like the water.
The sun is not like the big café.
Running is like the car, big or little.
Chocolate is like the book—brown.
Water is like the water hot.
A sister is a good thing to laugh or play with.
Teachers are like the best thing for kids.
Dads are like work, and strong.
A heart is like love or having something special,
Or a big or little surprise.
A pencil is like to read.
A house is like to sleep better or eat or watch TV.
The park is like to run or do nothing.
The toys are to play with like a bear or candy.


My Bear

I have a bear.
It is white like winter.
His eyes are baby blue.
Winter is cold like ice in a Coca-Cola.
When it’s winter, my house is covered with snow.
My bear goes out with me.
When he plays in the snow, I can’t find him
because he is white like the snow.
He makes a hole on the ice, and he hides
in the hole so I can’t find him.
Sometimes I can’t find him, but if I don’t
find him, he gets out of the hole.


My Dogs

My dogs are brown, black, and white like a bunny.
When it is cold, my dogs are scared like a turtle.
When they go outside, I get mad like a red tomato.
When they bark, it is so noisy, like music in music class.
When I am mad, I go outside and relax, playing by myself.
Sometimes I do yoga, and sometimes I stretch, and I am happy.
My dog’s heart is red like my mad face.
I go inside and play with my brother, and his face is red like lava.


Grey Like the Whale

I was crying just like the rain.
I had a bunny.
She had hair white just like the snow.
I had a ball just like the sun.
The sun. It was fun to play with it.
I was shy to cry about this.
Sometimes I was just too furious about why I lost these.
It is all my fault.
My bunny is jumping like a grasshopper.
I remember the old times.
It was so fun eating with my fork.
It was grey like the whale.
That’s why, why I was crying.


Baby Little Dog

I love my dog
He is a baby, little dog
My dog is a color like gold
White like snow
He has soft skin like if he were a polar bear
And like a glass of milk
And also the pages of a book


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