Dark Waters

25 Apr

We are constantly wrestling between good and evil. During Badgerdog’s Spring Break Workshop, Olivia lyrically expressed her battle with  evil and establishes herself as a beacon of hope and light. She uses a “snake of hate” to represent dark and evil and writes of a “boat of hopes and dreams” that navigates her through dark waters. Through imagery and rhyme scheme, Olivia has given complexity and beauty to a timeless subject.


Do Good

The wall of angst blocks my path,
a snake of hate guards the door to good.
I take out my hand and extend it to the guardian,
for he takes it, which he should.
I cross the sea of destination
in my boat of strong hopes and dreams.
The sky darkens to gray, but it won’t end this way.
I do good . . . at least, it seems.
Thy trust the spirit of light,
between evil I fight
to save my path of freedom near,
for the end won’t be here.
So I break the angst wall, hard!
And fight the urge to run away.
The snake of hate attacks me,
but it’s way too weak to fight me.
For I do good.
And good is what I am.

Olivia B.
5th grade, Patsy Sommer Elementary

One Response to “Dark Waters”

  1. Deidre B. April 27, 2013 at 4:09 am #

    Awesome! One of our favorites poems.
    Writers Workshop was perfect for Olivia.
    Thx APLFF!

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