Ms. Bishop’s Badgerdog Writers at Pickle Elementary

6 Jun

Let your mind go on an adventure with these imaginative poets, whose names taste like peaches and feel like lions. They wonder about a world where everyone is a toucan, where animals speak Chinese, where the only food is pizza. They write from far off places like the inside of a clock. Join these poets as they dare to create a world by asking, “What if?”

Adeena Reitberger
Badgerdog Teaching Artist

My Life

I’m worried that when I grow up
I will not pass my driver’s test.
It’s outrageous that my family
is coming to my birthday party.
I am happy that my cousin
is coming down here on the weekend.
I’m worried that I won’t
pass my reading test.
I’m outrageous
because I am hyper.
I’m happy because my birthday is coming up.


A Dollar Bill

I’m writing a poem
on a $100 dollar bill.
I see Benjamin Franklin
with a $ on his nose.
I smell little dollar bills.
They taste so good to me.
They feel wavy.
I hear them call my name.
That’s spooky to me.
Excuse my handwriting–
this bill is going fast.
I can’t stop this dollar bill.


What If…

What if I’m dumb in school?
What if they’ve closed the swimming pool?
What if there’s poison in my cup?
What if I start to cry?
What if I get sick and die?
What if I flunk that test?
What if green hair grows on my chest?


My Name

My Name Is Elijah
I get happy saying my name.
is a name that smells like pickles and cologne.
It makes people happy.
I get shy when I don’t know you.
I turn red.
My name tastes like peaches, sweet tea, pizza, and chocolate.
When you love me, I turn white
like the white board.
When you touch my name, it feels rough
like sandpaper.
But other times, when I am sad,
it feels blue.




On top of the ladybug,
I see a butterfly outside.
We touch a five-dollar bill inside.
My teacher hears a whistle in my classroom.
It tastes like cotton candy at the carnival.
I smell the food in the kitchen.


Bunny’s Ear

What if I was so sad that I bullied someone with my sister?
What if I was eating chicken in my pants?
What if I am so scared in the dark sometimes?
What if I was writing in an ear sometimes?
What if sometimes I was in a bunny’s ear?



Clock Hand

When I’m in a clock,
I see big numbers.
I smell dirty bugs.
I hear tick-tock sounds.
I taste chocolate chip cookies.
I touch big clock hands.
It is hard to write my poem
because clock hands go in circles.
And my skin feels like slime.
I’m writing a poem from inside a clock.


What Ifs

What if everyone lived in France?
What if I was a dollar sign?
What if I didn’t have parents?
What if the only animal was a monkey?
What if everyone was bald?
What if I couldn’t see?
What if I never grow taller?
What if we only had dresses to wear?
What if we were all sick?
What if I wasn’t smart?
What if everyone was small?
What if we were all purple?
What if everyone was a toucan?
What if everyone’s fingers were nails?
What if everyone was a boy?


My Family

I get happy saying my name.
is a name that smells like cherries and socks.
It makes people happy.

I get shy when I don’t know you.
I turn around.

My name tastes
like cheese, socks, rats, and rotten eggs.

When you love me, I turn happy,
like my name.

When you touch my name, it feels mad,
like a lion
But other times, when I am red,
it feels angry.



“What kind of a person are you?”
I heard them say to me.
I’m a person with a happy soul
because I like my soul to be happy.
I’m a person in the shape of a circle
because it’s easy to spell.
I’m the color purple.
I’m a kind of person,
like the word bacon,
because I like the taste of bacon.
I’m a person that will be a butterfly
because they are pretty.



What if everyone turned into a bumble bee?
What if everyone had a swimming pool?
What if everyone did not have a mom?
What if no one had a family?
What if everyone had a bunch of ice cream?
What if animals spoke Chinese?
What if everyone was rich?
What if everyone turned into broccoli,
But with legs and arms?
What if everyone didn’t go to school to learn?
What if aliens ruled the earth?
What if everyone had bunny ears?
What if?


What If

What if all the food was pizza?
What if it was all we could eat?
What if someone ate boogers
because boogers were the only food?



On a Coffee Cup

I see a person
I smell some steam
It tastes good
It feels hot
I hear a wave
I’m making my poem
In a coffee cup
My skin is hot
And it feels like my skin
Is ripping off.

John Paul

What If

What if I get a pool?
I may be cool.
What if I get a flea?
I must be a dog.
What if I turn into a chicken?
Then I must be laying eggs.
I would be a mother,
but I have to be a father.
What if I could be the weather
and wet people?

John Paul


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