World War Three Graphic Novel

20 Jul

On the first day of camp, Ms. Taya’s middle school class said they wanted to write a science fiction graphic novel. On the second day, they sat down for the last hour of their day and began collaborating on what would become the story they will write over the next two weeks. It was inspiring to see this group of middle-school students come together to plot out their very own, complexly thought-out science fiction story. The first week, they worked out major plot points, setting, and characterization for their protagonists and antagonists. Here’s how the story is taking shape…

Victoria Prince
Badgerdog Summer Intern

Their story begins in the not so distant future of 2053…
In 2053, the world is struggling with overpopulation. Two twins (our protagonists) are born. While they are still in the hospital, a space-time bomb explodes and the girl twin gets sucked 2,000 years into the future.

The world is now in a state of warfare…
World War III has begun, also known later as the 2,000 Years War. Overpopulation has caused an almost complete depletion of Earth’s resources. The president (our antagonist) sets up a military dictatorship.

sketch 1

Who is the boy twin?
The boy resides in the “now,” the years between 2053 and 2081. After the death of his mother, he buried himself in his work. He hires Flunky, his enthusiastic and loyal lab assistant, who is jealous of the boy twin’s relationship and affection for his adopted bush baby named Archibald. He is a quirky scientific type. He doesn’t sleep normally and can almost always be found working in his lab. His only company is Flunky (who is deeply in love with him) and Archibald. He only eats Ramen, take-out, and Doritos. His lab is littered with trash, and he has a collection of vintage toys and TV shows  he enjoys watching. He relates everything to science, making it hard for some people to converse with him. He is the inventor of the space-time bomb that, at the beginning, separates him and his currently unknown twin sister.

Who is the girl twin?
After the space-time bomb sucked her into the future, she was considered an orphan and sent to a Spazi military academy (operated by the universal ruling party led by the president). She grows up to be a successful but very serious military leader. She is psychologically tortured by visions she cannot explain and uses the art of painting as an emotional release. She is skilled at all she does in the military. Her only companion of any sort is her right hand man, Colin.

Explain the relationship between the boy and the girl…
Their relationship begins without either of them knowing that they each suffer visions of the other. These visions come as dreams or fainting spells. The girl’s visions are of her brother’s scientific work and his weapons development. The boy’s visions are comprised of the girl’s military exploits. When they first meet after the girl travels back in time, they do not get along. They argue and find each other rather annoying. While the brother has been fascinated by his lifelong visions, the girl finds them emotionally exhausting and dislikes them. They both resent how similar they are and dislike when they say the same thing at the same time. But, by the end, they gain a mutual respect for each other.

Georgia, Mac, Mireya, Giles, Jenna, 8th graders in Ms. Taya’s middle-school workshop at The Khabele School. 


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