Celebrating the Writers at Voight Elementary

22 Nov

The young writers in the ASPIRE program at Voigt Elementary School were energetic, creative, and always eager to hear and write stories about animals and colors. During our six weeks together, we wrote ourselves away in “I Am” poems, we rode the ocean waves with a story about a great white shark and his remora friend, and went crazy penning lines about each of the colors of rainbow. I’m excited to share some of their work with the world!

Antonio Ruiz-Camacho
Badgerdog Teaching Artist


I Am

I am a house for my family
I am a squirrel that runs for food
I am cold ice cream for summer
I am as funny as ever
I am as big as a giraffe
I am as smart as a teacher

Jason P.


Color Poem

When I think about
cotton candy it makes
me feel hungry for chocolate
and so many coffees
for breakfast

Dulce L.


Color Poem

When I hear the word yellow
I think about the sun.

When I hear the color blue I want to
lay down and watch the sky.

When the color green is called and I
hear it every time I want to think about the grass.

When I hear the color purple I think
about the colors.

When I hear the word pink I feel
like going shopping.

When I hear the word red I just want to eat candy.

Marlene M.


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