Lost in Time

20 Dec

At the beginning of the workshop session that inspired this piece, teaching artist Ms. Jena donned a wild, circus-like jacket and paraded around the room, asking students how many pockets their mysterious jackets would have. Five? Fifty-four? What would you find in Pocket #13? A zebra eating a peanut-butter sandwich? A drop of rain containing all the world’s oceans? Students opened their notebooks and imaginations. They envisioned jackets that could do impossible things, that contained the most unlikely objects. In this piece, Mariah’s jacket contains both danger and excitement — and a trip back in time.

The Mysterious Blue Jacket


I have a mysterious blue jacket. It has 56,967 pockets. When I reached into the 55,050th pocket, there was a shiny, red button that says “DO NOT TOUCH.” When I lightly pressed it, I wobbled, wiggled, and jumped. I went back to the 1800s. I was totally freaked out!

I pushed the button repeated times. Then, suddenly, the button broke. I realized I was stuck in Italy. There were curious people glancing at me. They wondered why I was wearing a T-shirt and jeans with a blue jacket. They were all wearing dresses and suits. Everything was dim. People had strange accents. I was looking for a phone, like it was 2013, but there was no phone.

Ortega Elementary School


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